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John is the prequel to the series and follows Officer John Sutton from his rookie year in the SDPD to early events in Code Name: Timberwolf, book 1 of the series. It is a standalone, but highly recommended to read before book 3 in the series, Code Name: Grizzly, which is John's full length novel.


Book Description


I was born to be a police officer. It's in my DNA, but I hide a secret from those I'm sworn to serve and protect. A secret so big, it could change the world. 


None of it matters when my eyes land on the dark-haired beauty at the bar. I'm not the only one who notices her, so I bury my feelings and accept that she'll never be anything more than my best friend's wife. 


When tragedy strikes, I'm given a rare second chance at happiness, but destiny may have other plans…

John is a steamy, suspenseful, super soldier romance with no cheating that contains scenes of tragic death. It is intended for an 18+ audience. Check "Content Warning" section for a complete list.


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